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Bringing Members of the Fire and EMS Community Together

Created on January 1, 2007, this site was established to facilitate communication between firefighters and first responders in Centre County with the surrounding agencies and responders in neighboring Clearfield, Clinton, Blair, Huntingdon, Mifflin, and Union Counties. Everyone is welcome to join and participate in the CentreCountyFire.com Community. Joining the community is free and registered members may post and reply to messages in the forum, upload and display pictures in the gallery, or just shoot the breeze in the chat room.

| 1.03.2009 | CCF Administrator

Real Time Fire Alerts for Centre County

April 18, 2014, 09:22:36 PM CCF Administrator

I'm excited and proud to add a new feature to the web site, pager alerts for Centre County, updated in real time. The audio of all paged fire alerts are recorded and the dispatch audio is posted online. Give it a try at: http://www.centrecountyfire.com/firealerts.shtml

Have Twitter? Follow these same alerts on the CentreCountyFire.com Twitter page @CentreCntyFire

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Fire Apparatus Crash - Serious

April 17, 2014, 12:45:12 AM CCF Administrator

At least 6 people were critically hurt (some reports are up to 10) after two apparatus collided with each other, struck pedestrians and then crashed into a building in Monterey Park (Calif) just a little while ago. Initial reports are that the Alhambra apparatus collided with a Monterey Park apparatus engine, sending the apparatus into a restaurant on the corner. 6 people were transported to L.A. County USC Medical Center in critical condition. Further injuries were expected to be reported. No details yet as far as Firefighter injuries.

We posted a picture on our home page. Much more to follow. KTIYP's.

Take Care. Be Careful. Pass it On.
The Secret List 4-16-2014 1830 hours

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MazMat Ops Refresher and Carbon Monoxide Emergencies "FREE" Hosted by...

April 16, 2014, 07:52:21 PM WildBill

MazMat Ops Refresher and Carbon Monoxide Emergencies "FREE"  Hosted by Karthaus Vol. Fire Co.

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Pump Operations I

April 16, 2014, 03:03:12 PM Centre County Fire Chiefs

Pump Operations I
Instructor: Bob Ulrich, Bucks County Community College
Location: Pine Glen VFC, Karthaus, Pa
Dates: 6/1 & 6/8/14
Course Length: 16 hrs.
Cost: Free of charge to all fire/ems personnel.

Centre County Fire Chief's Association invites you to attend Pump Operations I.
Gear: Turn out gear
Text Book: Handouts provided by BCCC (Subject to change)
Description: This course provides the fire fighter with an introduction to basic
pump construction and theory as well as operating techniques. Emphasis is placed
on getting water to the pump, getting water from the pump for hose streams, and
prevention of common mistakes in pump operations.

Interested personnel please contact: Matt Schmoke at mschmoke17@hotmail.com or 814-387-6524.

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Old vs New trucks.

April 14, 2014, 09:18:29 PM minimikeman

My company is weighing the options for rebuilding an old brush truck or going with a newer one.  Some of us would like to see and rebuild a old brush truck or mini pumper that has less gizmo's and gadgets, electronics and sensors and crap compared to the new stuff that doesn't seem to be all that well. The truck will be mainly used for brush fires and maybe water supply if needed.  Looking to have 200 to 300 gallon tank and 500gpm or less if its a old mini pumper.  If a brush truck we'll just use a small engines driven pump. looking to have 2 hose forestry reels and (1) 1/1/2 and (1) 2 1/2 discharge. Just looking for pro and cons.  Also can you still rebuild a old brush truck / mini pumper from the 85 ish or early 90s for safety regulations?   

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